music to start your mornings with

A brilliant idea:

Anthiliawaters is a collective based on one simple need, a sound track for starting your day. It’s the music score for that first cup of espresso, that hangover, or when you are sitting there half awake eating toast trying to motivate yourself to go get dressed for work.

Anthiliawaters @ MySpace

I always struggle to find the perfect tune for each morning. Not anymore though 🙂


Üks vastus to “music to start your mornings with”

  1. Breakfast in Miami Says:

    Here is what BoomKat says about Anthiliawaters;

    Miami’s Isophlux label has already provided a launch pad for electronica heavyweights like Lusine, Lexaunculpt and Gosub, but now the imprint’s just limbering up for a second life, having been off the radar since 2001. Isophlux spearheads its return with Anthhiliawaters, a project once described as “breakfast electro” (an odd idea given support by the label’s website). This is far more than mere music to eat cereal to: the production taps into a Detroit-influenced vision of the future, with warm, jazzy synth pads supplying a melodic counterpart to the softly crunching, electro-tinged beats. The bizarre breakfast theme rears its head once again on ‘Morning Coffee’, in which a voice tells you to “wake up” repeatedly. Crazy. Once again though the simplicity and warmth of the production wins out – this is solid home listening fare that allows its warehouse roots to show through just enough to avoid being tarred with an IDM brush.

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